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GM Teams Up with Dr. EV-il

Dr. Evil is at it again (now known as Dr. EV-il) but this time he's not so evil. He and his cronies make their triumphant return this Sunday during the Super Bowl when they take over General Motors headquarters and unleash another one of their diabolical plans to take over the world. But first, they must defeat their greatest foe yet, climate change. 
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2022: What's New With GMC

If you're a fan of GMC and you're in the market for a new car, staying up-to-date with all the latest GMC news is essential if you want to be the first in line to take advantage of any new releases they have to offer. The good news? GMC has already announced all the new lineup for 2022, which features a host of premium SUVs and trucks that are sure to get you excited about…

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